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Sweet Poori | Sweet Puri Recipe


Ingredients for Sweet Poori | Sweet Puri in English

* Maida (Whole wheat flour or atta) – 1 cup
* Curd – 250gm
* Sugar – 250gm
* Baking Soda – 1/4 Tsp
* Salt – According to Salt
* Oil – For Poori Fry

How to Make Sweet Poori | Sweet Puri in English

* Now add curd, sugar, baking soda, salt in the bowl and mix it well. Now add flour(Maida) to it and take the whole dough. If yogurt mix can use less water.

* Cover the flour and keep the half-hour side.

* Now break the dough and make small cloves.

* Now add oil to it and heat it. Now take flour of flour and pour it in hot oil in 3-4 inches diameter. Now, remove both the plate and fry the plate. Make the whole round like this. Heat warm sweet prepared whole. Serve hot and sweet poori.

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