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Samosa Pinwheel Recipe


We can make traditional recipes of Maharashtra and Gujarat as potato bakarwadi as snacks, as well as for any party and also serve as a Starter.

Ingredients for Samosa Pinwheel Recipe in English Hindi Marathi Tamil Telugu All Indian languages

To put flour

* Flour – 1 Cup
* Maida – 2 Tsp (for making slurry)
* Oregano – ¼ Tsp
* Salt – ¼ Tsp

For Stuffing – Samosa Pinwheel Stuffing

* Potato – 4 (300 g) boiled
* Green Coriander – 2-3 Tsp chopped
* Coriander Powder – 1 Tsp
* Ginger – 1/2 Tsp (Paste)
* Green Chillies – 1 Tsp (Paste)
* Red Chilli Powder – 1/4 Tsp
* Amchoor Powder – 1/2 Tsp
* Salt – As per taste

How to Make Samosa Pinwheel Recipe in English Hindi Marathi Tamil Telugu All Indian languages

* Take the flour in a big bowl, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of spinach, 2 tablespoon oil and mix all the things well and pouring some water for a little hardening like dough. Prepare this kind of dough and prepare it.

* Cover the dough and keep it for 15-20 minutes so that the dough is set. As soon as the dough is set, prepare potato stuffing and prepare it.

* Peel the potatoes and break them finely. Now add coriander powder, red chilli powder, amchoor powder, salt, ginger paste, green chilli paste and finely chopped coriander and mix it well. The stuffing is ready.

* Divide the dough into two parts, lift one part, make a dough by flattening it. Put the dough on the chalk and roll it thin. Put half the stuffing of potato on top of the fried whole and pressing the batter with a spoon, spread it all around one side.

* After placing the batter over the whole, fold the whole from one side and make a roll.

* Now, add 2 tablespoons of flour to a little water and prepare the solution of maida. After turning the solution in the shore, turn the whole turn, so that it sticks well. Close the open edges of both sides by hand.

* Cut the roll to half-brown semi-width by cutting it and making it ready. After cutting all the pieces, prepare the second dough and fill it like stuffing and cut into pieces.

* Put oil in the pan to fry the buckwheat, heat it, when the oil is well heated, dip the batwadi into the batter of flour and put it in a hot oil. In the same way, pour all the bakravadi into hot oil after dipping it in the flour solution, put the bakwadi that can be put in the oil once. Remove the boxer from the bottom till it becomes brown on all sides. Take out all the bakarvadi in such a way.

* Delicious Crispy Potato Bakarvadi is ready, so that around 35-40 bakavadi is ready for making so much flour. Serve hot with hot bakarvadi green chutney or sweet chutney or your favorite sauce.

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