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Red Mutton Curry Recipe | Rajasthani Laal Maas Recipe


Ingredients for Laal Maas Recipe in English

* Mutton – 1/2 kg
* Curd – 1/2 cup
* Garlic – 2 Tsp
* Onion – 1 cup (chopped)
* Ginger paste – 4 Tsp
* Cloves – 5
* Red Chilli Paste – 4 Tsp
* Ghee – 2 Tsp
* Salt – According to the Taste
* Mustard oil – 100 ml

How to Make Red Mutton Curry Recipe in English

* Clean the mutton with water well.

* Now put oil in a pan and heat it. Now add cloves, onions and cook it. After that add cooked mutton and cook it. Now add ginger paste to it and mix it well. Now add salt, red chilli paste and cook it for 3-4 minutes. Now add yogurt and perfume water and cook it until it cooks on low flame. Now after cooking the mutton, after adding the table spoon ghee and garlic, stop the gas.

* Now put the burnt piece of a small lost piece in a small bowl and put it in a curry and put ghee on top and cover it. Now after 3-4 minutes remove the lid and take out the opened bowl. Hot hot Red Mutton Curry ready.

* You can also use red chili powder instead of red pepper paste.

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