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Papaya Halwa Recipe


Ingredients for Papaya Halwa in English:

* Papaya – 2 Cups (pieces)
* Sugar – 1/2 Cup
* Milk – 1 Cup
* Rice flour -1 ½ Tsp
* Ghee – 4 Tsp
* Cardamom powder – ¼ Tsp
* Cashew – ½ Cup

How to Make Papaya Halwa Recipe in English:

* Put the ghee in a strict condition, put the cashew nuts and fry it and keep them aside. In the same pan fry some rice flour and mix remaining rice flour in milk. Take another vessel heat milk add rice flour paste to it and cook it for some time.

* Grind the chopped papaya in a mixer.Take a pan add papaya paste, sugar and cook. When sugar completely dissolves add milk mixture and cook for 10 mins. Now stove put it in low flame and add it to the ghee. Now add cardamom powder, cashews, and put the gas off.

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