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Paneer Jalebi Recipe – Bengali chanar jalebi


Ingredients for Paneer Jalebi Recipe – Bengali chanar jalebi in English

* Paneer – 200 gm (1 cup) (crumbled)
* Saffron threads – 25 to 30
* Flour – ¼ cup
* Sugar – 1.5 cups (300g)
* Ghee – Jalebi to fry

How to Make Paneer Jalebi Recipe – Bengali chanar jalebi in English

* Put some water in saffron and keep it aside so that it dissolves in water.

* Make a batter of flour, add some water to the flour and stir it until the pests are finished. Then, add a little more water and fry it for 4 to 5 minutes. The solution should be made of this consonant that if the spoon is dropped then it becomes like a torch. Cover the solution and keep it in a hot place for 1 hour so that the flour starts fluttering.

* Make sugar syrup, add sugar and a little over 1 cup (2 table spoon water) in a vessel. Allow sugar syrup to cook sugar after 2 to 3 minutes. Meanwhile, mash the cheese. For this, add a little cheese to a plate and stir it with a palm pressing it. Then, add 1 table spoon milk in it and gently massage it.

* Check the syrup; Check to make syrup of 2 to 3 drops in a bowl and after cooling, check the syrup with finger and thumb, it should stick like honey, there is no need to become a wire in syrup. The syrup is ready. Add saffron water to the prepared syrup and mix it.

* Make batter of Jalebi,put mashed paneer in a bowl. Fine well prepared flour solution Then, add the solution to the paneer and keep flicking while mixing flour and paneer until it grows well. Jalebi batter is ready.

* Take an angle to make the jalabis for the jalabis and place it on a glass. Put Jalebi’s batter in this angle. Tie the angle to the top and make a small hole through the side scissors below.

* Heat ghee in kadhai. After ghee is warmed, add a bit batter in it and check whether ghee is properly heated or not. If batter Sikar is coming up, ghee is hot enough. Pressing the angle in hot ghee, make simple rounded jalibis like simple jalibis and fill the jalabis on a slow and medium flame. As soon as it becomes brown from the bottom, flip them in the same way and fry the jalabis until they are golden brown. Fry all the jalibis in the same way.

* Drain the jalabis in the syrup and remove the fried jalabis in a plate. After that, put the jalabis in the syrup and let it remain immersed in a 2-minute syrup.

* After 2 minutes, remove the jalabis from the syrup and keep them in the plate and as soon as the jalabis are fry, remove them in the plate and then dip for 2 minutes in the syrup and take it out in another plate.

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