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Paneer Biryani Recipe


Ingredients for Paneer Biryani Recipe in English

Basmati rice – 2 Cup
Onion – 2
Butter – 2 Tsp
Salt – According to the Taste
Bay leaf – 1
Paneer – 250 gms
Dry red chilli – 4
Cinnamon – 1 ½ inch piece
Cumin seeds – ½ Tsp (Jeera)
Ginger – 2 inch piece
Clove – 3
Cardamom – 2
Coriander seeds – 1 Tsp
Garlic clove – 4
Coriander leaves – ½ Cup (Finely chopped)

How to Make Paneer Biryani Food Recipe in English

* Wash rice and soak them for 20 mins.

* Mix ginger, cumin seeds, cardamom, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, dry red chilli and grind them in mixer. Cut 1 onion in to thin long slices and finely chopped 1 onion.

* Heat oil in  pan. Fry paneer pieces in it till they turn golden brown, take them out and keep them aside. Fry thin long onion slices in it take them out and keep them aside.

* Take a vessel (in which you prepare biryani) heat ghee in it. Add bay leaf, onions and fry them. Add masala paste cook on low flame for  5-6 mins. Add paneer, rice, salt and mix well. Pour 4 cups water, when it comes to boil cover it with lid cook it on low flame for 10 mins. After rice is cooked remove lid put fried onions, coriander leaves on top, replace lid cook for 3-4 mins and switch off gas. Hot hot Paneer Biryani is ready

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