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Fish Dum Biryani Recipe | Punjabi Fish Biryani Recipe


Ingredients for Fish Dum Biryani | Punjabi Fish Biryani Recipe in English

* Basmati rice – 1/2 kg
* Salt – According to taste
* Fish According to Taste – 750 gm (Boneless Pieces)
* Coriander leaves – 2 Coriander leaves
* Tomato – 1
* Curd – 1 cup
* Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 Tsp
* Lemon juice – 1 Tsp
* Onion – 3
* Green Chilli – 10
* Oil – According to minimization

How to Make Fish Dum Biryani | Fish Biryani Recipe in English

* Cut the tomatoes, green chilli, coriander leaves finely. Cut the onions long enough.

* Wash the fish with water. After that, mix half of the ginger garlic paste and lemon juice and mix it. Now add fish pieces and keep aside.

* Now wash the rice and soak for 25-30 minutes. After that, mix rice and salt in the rice according to the water and cook half (80%) of rice.

* Put oil in a pan and heat it. Now add chopped onion and fry it and fry it for half the onions. After that, add chopped tomatoes and remaining curd to cook for 5-7 minutes. Now put soaked fish and green chilli and cook on a low flame.

* Now insert the first ripe little rice in a pan like a layer, put fish curry on it, put a some coriander leaves on it and pour roasted fish on it. After that again add rice, fish curry, coriander leaves, onions one after the other and finally put the remaining rice and cook for 15-20 minutes on a low flame. Hot hot Punjabi fish biryani ready.

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