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Eggless Carrot Cake Recipe


Ingredients for Eggless Carrot Cake Recipe in English

* Flour – 1 cup
• Carrot – 1 cup grated
• Sugar – ½ cup
• Yogurt – ½ cup
• Oil – ¼ cup
• Baking soda – ½ Tsp
• Baking powder – ½ Tsp
• Cinnamon powder – 1 Tsp
• Salt – According to the Taste
• Walnuts – 2 Tsp (chopped)

How to Make Eggless Carrot Cake Recipe in English

* In the flour, keep the filter of baking powder, baking soda and salt, and cinnamon powder.

* Put yogurt, sugar, oil in a large bowl and mix well, add the grated carrot paste.

* Mix the mixture of carrots slowly in the mixture and mix it.

* Put a cup of salt in the cooker, put a lattice stand and spread the rubber and whistle of the cooker.

* Heat the cooker for 5-7 minutes.

* Make the cake smooth by adding oil to the pan and then fry a little flour.

* Mix one spoon of flour in the walnut, then add the nut to the mixture of the cake, put the mixture of cake in the pre-slit pot, remove the air bubble from the lightly, then carefully put it in the cooker and cooker Closes the lid.

* Cook the cake for 40 minutes or until it is completely cooked. Check to put a tooth pickle if the tooth pick comes out clean then the cake has been cooked, otherwise give it a little and cook it.

* Carefully remove the cake from the cooker, after cooling down, remove the cake from the edge of the chaku and take it out in the plate after cooling down completely.

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