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Chicken Corn Rolls Recipe


Ingredients for Chicken Corn Rolls Recipe in English

* Wheat flour – 1 cup
* Corn seeds – 1 cup
* Chicken – 1/2 cup (small pieces)
* Red green yellow capsicum – 1 cup Chopped
* Onion – 1
* Garlic – 2 Tsp (finely chopped)
* White sauce – 2 Tsp
* Coriander leaves – 2 Tsp (finely chopped)
* Black pepper powder – 1/2 Tsp
* Cabbage leaves – 4
* Salt – According to the Taste
* Oil – According to minimization

How to Make Chicken Corn Rolls Recipe in English

* Now add salt to the flour and mix it. After that mix a little water and dough soft. Cut the onion finely.

* Now break the dough equal to a little bit of lemon from the dough and make a round dough and keep it on the chalk and chapati in the 6 inch diameter.

* Now heat the pan. Take out the roasted chapati on the pan and sew it aside. Similarly, prepare all the chapati.

* Now put oil in a pan and heat it. Now add finely chopped garlic and cook for 1-2 minute. Then add finely chopped onion and cook for 1-2 minute. Now add chopped capsicum, chicken pieces, salt, black pepper powder and cook for 3 minutes. After that mix corn and cook for 1-2 minute. Now add white sauce, some water, coriander leaves and cook till the chicken is cooked.

* Now put 1/2 teaspoon mixture on a chapati and pin it with a tooth pick, by turning 2 teaspoon mixture, or wrap the half part with aluminum file and put it in non stick pan, both and sec Take. Similarly, make all the rolls. Hot hot Chicken Corn Rolls ready.

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